Opher Linchevski, CEO of Gadot Group, was interviewed for The Marker Labels’ 360 Infrastructures Conference, where he discussed Israel’s strategies and needs.

“In the first days of the war, we all experienced a major crisis, but fortunately, the recovery was swift,” he said, commenting on Israel’s infrastructures following October 7th.

Gadot Group provides services to over 1,000 factories in Israel, and to return to work with full force, every factory resuming its activities was fully equipped, ensuring no one was caught short.

Linchevski called for Israel to expand its investments in local infrastructures and to maintain open communications between relevant government offices and businesses.

“We need a green light from the transportation department as well,” he explained. “…We cannot rely solely on outside sources.”

He stated that for Israeli companies to grow and evolve, there needs to be equal conditions of competition and opportunity.

“In every sector with high demand, we need to be there to provide services, whether construction, nutrition, or others.”

Linchevski promised that Gadot Group is ready for any scenario, even as the war continues.