Sales and Distribution Division

Gadot’s Commercial Division is a leader in the chemical industry and supply chain.

We are committed to providing remarkable service for a wide
range of industries, including nutrition, pharmaceutics,
fertilizers, textiles, plastics, electronics, construction,
detergents, cosmetics and high-tech.

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers, customers

Logistics & Operation Division

Gadot Group’s supply chain in Israel is a complete and rich world of logistical solutions for a variety of industries.

Our operation team is responsible for storage, filling and packaging, transportation and distribution of raw materials and chemicals – from ship transported bulk to packages such as IBC, barrels and bottles.

How do we do it?

We are glad you asked. Our Division operates using a fleet of marine vessels and road tankers,
serving a variety of customers, transporting about 500 thousand tons every year (!) including hazardous substances such as oils, gasoline and other products. Our base of operation is located in the Haifa Bay, spread across four logistical sites:

  • Two bulk marine terminals, the only ones in Israel with
    ocean water access!
  • Two terminals with different sized containers, offering
    a storage capacity of 64,000m3
  • A filling, packaging and distribution production site.
    Customers also enjoy our filling service.
  • A private laboratory (yes, private!) providing services
    to our customers.