Established by Johananoff brothers


The marine arm (Gadot Yam, Chemship) was established


Establishment of SHELACH


Establishment of “Gadot Chemical Terminals (1985) Ltd.

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

Gadot Group acquired 75% of Chemichlor, Israel


Gadot Group acquired VLS-Group

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

Ampal acquired Gadot Group

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

Gadot Group acquired A.D.P.O Ghent, Belgium

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

Tene Acquired Gadot Group


Establishment of Gadot Energy & Smart Solutions

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

Acquisition of Barak Polymers


Gadot Group acquired 75% of Ale Ecology, Israel


Acquisition of Pi-Glilot


VALUE LBH acquired 40% of Gadot Group


Gadot Group acquired 73% of Mercury, Israel


Adani - Gadot Group wins Haifa Port tender


It is About Time We Were Introduced...

Gadot is and has been a cutting-edge Israeli chemical company for over six decades.

Since established, Gadot has been a leader as Israel’s first bulk chemical seller and first supply and value chain management and operation service provider. We then continued to expand as a logistical global player, providing A’ to Z’ professional solutions for different market fields. Bringing decades of expertise, spearheading technology, providing a wide range of services and collaborating with the world’s leading chemical industrial suppliers, resulted in becoming the natural and valued choice
for customers throughout the industry – in Israel and Europe.

Gadot Group offers a wide range of integrated services. They initially started with production and then broadened to bulk chemical selling, chemical packaging, oils,  lubricants, gasoline additives and other substances for a variety of industries.

We are proud of our ability to provide an abundance of professional, creative and smart solutions, custom-made for each and every customer. At your service are our tank terminals, storage sites, packaging and filling lines, container and truck fleets and a wide array of other facilities and equipment owned by Gadot. Thanks to you, and by virtue of our loyal partners along the way – Gadot Group offers sophisticated logistical services that provide answers to any demand or any need at any time.

Among the Company’s Services

Marketing & Distribution for
Industries in Israel & Europe
Containers Storage of
Bulk Chemicals, Oils and
Other Industrial Substances
Coast Terminals
Marine Transportation
(Chemship Netherlands)
Transport & Emergency
Filling & Packaging Services

Sales and Distribution Division

Gadot’s Commercial Division is a leader in the chemical industry and supply chain.

We are committed to providing remarkable service for a wide
range of industries, including nutrition, pharmaceutics,
fertilizers, textiles, plastics, electronics, construction,
detergents, cosmetics and high-tech.

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers, customers

Logistics & Operation Division

Gadot Group’s supply chain in Israel is a complete and rich world of logistical solutions for a variety of industries.

Our operation team is responsible for storage, filling and packaging, transportation and distribution of raw materials and chemicals – from ship transported bulk to packages such as IBC, barrels and bottles.

How do we do it?

We are glad you asked. Our Division operates using a fleet of marine vessels and road tankers,
serving a variety of customers, transporting about 500 thousand tons every year (!) including hazardous substances such as oils, gasoline and other products. Our base of operation is located in the Haifa Bay, spread across four logistical sites:

  • Two bulk marine terminals, the only ones in Israel with
    ocean water access!
  • Two terminals with different sized containers, offering
    a storage capacity of 64,000m3
  • A filling, packaging and distribution production site.
    Customers also enjoy our filling service.
  • A private laboratory (yes, private!) providing services
    to our customers.

The Marine Division

Gadot’s Marine Division operates as part of Chemship B.V, Netherlands, and is the leading supplier of marine transportation, logistics, storage and large quantity distribution services. The division conducts chemicals and other bulk liquid marine transportation and continuously operates lines from Northern Europe to North America and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, using a fleet of 10 of the world’s most advanced bulk ships, all equipped with stainless steel containers.

Did You Know…?

Customer demands are our #1 priority. We provide sustainable marine solutions for the transport of special large quantity liquids, minimizing logistical challenges of any type. Our ability to provide fast responses to market developments, our flexible fleet, our extensive knowledge of the chemical logistical world and keeping to schedules according to customer needs – enables us to offer custom-made solutions. This is without a doubt one of Gadot’s main advantages.

We are proud to say that many of the world’s leading manufacturers depend on Gadot to transport liquid chemicals, oils and other substances worldwide. As their partner, they trust us to supply and transport raw materials and pharmaceuticals. Thanks to a wide network of subsidiaries, loyal partners and excellent suppliers – Gadot Group offers uncontested expertise… that is why our byline is “delivering excellence”.