Oil Manufacturing - Ghent

With long-years’ experience and market credibility, Gadot Belgium’s Gent Plant is an independent service provider working for the top five players of the lubricants and additive industry.  The plant provides tailor-made concepts according to customer needs (under NDAs) and offers blends from easy blending to complex high-end value blends.

On Site Services

Our Services also include:

  • On-site laboratory services.
  • Assistance with customs facilities such as in-house customs and excise team and/or Entrepot type D.
  • Low flash installations.
  • Majority of tanks equipped with jet mixers and/or overtop circulation, connected to our lube oil manifold for efficient transfers of raw materials and finished products for processing operations.


Over 80 fully equipped installations

Over 50 blend tanks



6 viscosity modifier production units

Our current product portfolio:

Diesel& Fuel Additives

Lube oil blending

Screen wash

Coolant blending

Viscosity – index improver production

Commodity and Specialty Chemicals

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

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