About Us

Gadot Group and Gadot Energy in particular, have the great advantage and specialties of being able to provide tailor-made products according to customer-specific needs. Products are developed, manufactured and marketed to industry’s customers and are used both to create energy and as process products such as oils, coolants, etc.

Gadot Energy provides many of the industry’s customers with additional products by developing, manufacturing, marketing and trading process products, and is headed by leading senior field’s experts who live and breathe the energy field.

Energy products are marketed to a wide variety of industries, such as rubber, construction, cosmetics, agro, pharma, refineries, etc. All products are tested regularly in Gadot’s laboratory using advanced machinery and standing with different specifications, and are approved according to the Group’s QA standards (ISO 14000, ISO9001, ISO18000). We have always operated with full commitment to customers’ needs and demands, striving to maximize outcomes and accomplish budget and schedule goals. Throughout our activity Gadot remains a leading cutting-edge company that invests plenty of resources in R&D and QA of the highest standards. Do you need a solution in the energy field? Our technology experts are at your service, and will be happy to help and develop any application or substance you need!

The Oil Facility

Gadot’s innovative oil manufacturing facility was established due to our customers’ growing demand. And what can we say..? You were right! Establishing the facility enabled us to provide more energy services and offer our customers a wide variety of products and solutions.

The successful cooperation between our Marketing Division and the Manufacturing Plant is for your full advantage. Gadot Energy and the Oils Facility may now provide the full answer to customer requests, develop and manufacture upon demand, from 200L of oil and up to any demanded amount. 

The oils are manufactured at Gadot Energy’s plant using unique technology according to strict international standards. We are happy to provide our customers with resilient long-lifespan oils along with numerous technological solutions for a variety of industry’s fields. Gadot’s Oil Manufacturing Facility enables the manufacturing and storage of end-products according to customer demands and the necessary inventory levels.

Among others, Gadot manufactures the following oils:

● Industrial oils

● Automotive oils

● Process oils

● Turbine oils

● Special oils

● Mold release lubricants

● Coolants

● Tyre and rubber oils

● White oils

● Oils according to customer demands

Gadot’s experts are at your service throughout the entire process. Together, we operate with full professionalism and accuracy to optimize the efficiency of your oil consumption. Gadot also provides integrated solutions regarding your equipment lifespan and long-term costs-saving. Would you like our advice or assistance? Our experts are happy to be at your service, choose the right solution to fit your needs and help you defeat the challenges along the way.

Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

Technology and QC

Gadot Energy’s process products are developed in a unique advanced Technology Unit of Gadot’s laboratory, according to the continuously changing market and regulatory demands. The Technology Branch operates in a variety of fields:

  • Control of manufacturing processes and product transport
  • Product QA
  • Customers technical support

Product development according to market needs, standing with international standards in the fields of technology, environment and health Gadot operates a strict and uncompromising QA alignment, operating a private laboratory that performs a wide variety of tests and employs chemists, researchers and analysts.

The Company also issues product data sheets, safety data sheets and manufacturing formulas, and also maintains ongoing relations with local and international data and product suppliers. Gadot’s laboratory is equipped with new and innovative machinery, and performs tests according to international standards, including USP, EP, BP, DIN, ISO, ASTM, etc.

The laboratory is certified by the ISO17025 standard issued by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority, ensuring the high constant quality of its products.

The development process is complicated though it follows an organized strategy according to Gadot’s customary organizational processes.

As a senior experienced company delivering A’ to Z’ assistance, the development process resumes with advice and examination of customer’s product implementation. After finding the ultimate custom-made solution for customer’s needs, a series of tests are performed – both at the Company’s operation facilities and on customer premises – until receiving the final product approval. After completing the development, the new product receives Gadot’s laboratory final approval + supplementary documents enabling the product to be transferred to continuous production and supply lines.

Technology and QC

Customer Service & Logistics

The logistics chain is an inseparable part of Gadot Energy’s activity. Our customers receive an extremely fast logistical service of up to 48 hours since the initial contact until the merchandise arrives at the customer’s premises.

On special occasions and with prior coordination and customer approval, the Company commits to exceptionally short supply schedules. Marketing is performed according to customer demands and a variety of packages, starting with bulk shipments up to smaller packages, such as cubes, barrels and cans.

 The Company’s Logistical Branch operates a fleet of innovative containers to supply oils and distillates. 

Our customers receive an immediate reply for a wide variety of topics:

  • Supply coordination
  • Update orders and inventory status
  • Receiving necessary documents
  • Receiving merchandise proactively according to placed orders and set schedules. 
  • Complaints
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Gadot Group, chemical suppliers

Business Development

Even after six decades of activity… Gadot constantly continues
to operate, learn and improve! Our business development
processes are continuously carried out in order to broaden the
services and solutions offered to our customers. People who are
acquainted with how complicated the business development
process is, also understand that “working around the clock” is
not just another Cliché, but an essential need of our technology


Gadot’s experts do anything to develop products according to
market and regulation needs, and provide you with
complimentary services that include oils and process products.
The development process is executed at Gadot starting from the
initial phase up to the product laboratory testing phase, both at
Gadot’s facilities and on customer premises.
All our products and solutions fulfill the demands of quality and
regulation, and undergo strict QA processes in Gadot’s
laboratory, according to international and ISO standards.