ShelachShelach and Our Emergency Crew are Always At Your Service

Gadot Israel’s Shelach division is expert in bulk transportation of hazardous chemicals, including flammable substances of all types: acids, bases and toxic substances. In addition, the division operates a mobile unit and an emergency team for treating hazardous substance incidents occurring when transported across Israel or customer premises.


Our emergency crew provides unique and smart solutions for a variety of challenges, with complete independence and needless of any exterior energy sources or subcontractors. Our professional emergency crew has extensive experience and trains monthly for a variety of scenarios, and of course, is ready for action at any given moment.


Our mobile unit is equipped with a large number of pumps, open and closed respiratory systems, significant power large-scale generators as well as self-protection equipment (high-rank suits) providing solutions for a variety of emergency scenarios. Also available is a fleet of tankers, containerized trucks, tow trucks and skeletal adjusted for different activities and challenges, such as:


  • transportation of pure substances
  • post-procedure pumping, loading and evacuation (wastes)
  • transporting small and mid-sized packages in delivery trucks for a variety of off-loading sites
  • hazardous substances expertise
  • fertilizer transportation and delivery to agricultural landscapes across Israel
  • containers and ISO tank containers transportation
  • execution of special projects customized according to client demands
  • transfer of hazardous substances between containers in locations of a nonexistent or damaged permanent pipelines
  • rinsing of long wastewater lines with corrosive substances
  • pumping of hoarding pools and transportation to wastewater treatment plants
  • a portable station for water loading during emergencies