The Chemical Challenger ship, owned by Chemship, the Dutch shipping company of the group, is the world’s first chemical ship to implement wind-assist technology.

This innovative technology from the startup eConowind enables exceptionally high propulsion power, fuel savings, reduction of dual-fuel carbon emissions to the air, and preservation of the marine ecosystem. The use of wind-assist as a renewable energy source is an additional and significant step, allowing the ship to navigate efficiently and carry heavy loads to their destinations.

In an era where the maritime industry is grappling with environmental challenges, Gadot Group aims to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in maritime transport and operates on multiple fronts to meet the regulatory requirements of the global IMO.

The ship is currently in the process of installing the facility at the port of Rotterdam and is expected to make its way to Haifa port in the coming months.

Opher Linchevski, CEO of Gadot Group, stated: “This is an important step towards investing in the environment, even in maritime transportation, and serves as an excellent example of integrating innovative and advanced technology with environmental sustainability. We are pleased to bring green solutions to the industry in Israel.”