Shelach – Market leader in chemical transportation

The largest chemical land transport company in Israel.

Owning and operating a wide array of chemical tanker trucks, and leveraging our expertise in chemical logistics and distribution.

We offer a full array of intermodal and multimodal chemical transport solutions. Our leading fleet of chemical tanker and distribution trucks provides efficient transport of chemicals, hazardous, non-hazardous materials, and other liquid and dry materials throughout Israel.

We have a fleet of 50 cabs and 90 stainless steel tankers, and an experienced staff of drivers who specialize in transporting dangerous materials.

We serve a wide range of industrial customers in different fields, and have a transport capacity of 2 million liters, with an annual payload capacity of 600,000  metric tons of chemicals and acids.


Deshanim Site, Kiryat Ata, P.O.B 1428, Haifa, 31011, Israel