Warehousing GADOT

Gadot’s Operations division operates 4 sites that include approximately 164,000 m3 of tank capacity for storage and handling of liquid bulk chemicals and oils, and approximately 11,000 m3 hazardous storage warehouse facilities for the storage of finished products of hazardous materials. The division specializes in storage, handling and transporting liquid bulk chemicals from marine vessels for filling and packaging (IBC, drums and bottles).

Gadot operates two chemical terminals in Haifa Bay, Israel’s major port area. Our terminals are the only chemical terminal facilities in Israel. They provide a full answer to Gadot’s own vast chemical terminal needs, and capacity is also rented out to other companies. Every year, more than 350,000 metric tons of bulk chemicals pass through our terminals.

  • Storage and distribution of bulk liquids (including flammable materials)
  • Storage of finished products in various sizes – cubes (IBC), drums, cans, and small packages (1-5 liters)
  • Storage services and inventory management for customers
  • Managing toxin permits for customers
  • Bonded services – bulk storage in shore tanks, enabling the customers to rent these tanks as bonded warehouses
  • Distribution service for finished products and raw materials

Warehousing GADOT Germany\ Belgium

Gadot´s subsidiary GADOT Germany\ Belgium is Europe market leader in warehousing packed classified chemical materials. The company operates a network of state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, strategically located in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Its locations are well-connected by road and rail, and located near to international seaports, as well as intermodal and multimodal transportation hubs.

With a capacity of more than 200,000 m² of covered warehouse space, GADOT Germany\ Belgium provides a reliable and efficient platform to serve as a global or European hub for its customers in the chemical industry and related sectors. The facilities are equipped with sophisticated technical installations, and meet the highest standards with regard to safety and security, in line with and exceeding the standards and requirements of the chemical industry.

The scope of services includes temperature- and humidity-controlled warehousing, as well as facilities meeting GMP requirements and conditions. GADOT Germany\ Belgium provides a wide range of services, from inventory management, pick and pack activities, and packaging and repackaging operations, to customs bonded warehousing and storage of excise materials.

Based on its vast knowledge and experience in operating and managing warehousing services for classified and non-classified chemical materials, GADOT Germany\ Belgium offers international warehousing solutions based on a network of reliable partners around the globe. The company has proved itself capable of providing integrated services by realizing projects – among other places – in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, China, India and the United States of America. Based on the company’s strategy of providing integrated logistics solutions to its customers, it is continuously expanding its network of international partners, based on the needs of its customers.

The warehousing services of GADOT Germany\ Belgium are ISO certified, as well as SQAS assessed.