Coast Terminals GADOT

Gadot Operations in Israel operates 4 sites in the Haifa Bay area, with approximately 67,000 m3 of liquid bulk storage, oil and chemicals.

Gadot operates two bulk chemical terminals in Haifa Bay, Israel’s major port area. These terminals are the only bulk chemical facilities in Israel with sea access. This enables us to provide a comprehensive solution for our customers – bringing in raw materials, storage, packaging, mixing materials, and preparing mixtures. Every year we transport more than 350,000 metric tons.

The materials are stored in shore tanks at 3 sites: Haroshet, the Storage and Handling Terminal (South Terminal), and the Moshe Johananoff Terminal (North Terminal).

Coast Terminals GADOT Germany\ Belgium

GADOT Germany\ Belgium, a Gadot subsidiary, operates a tank storage and toll manufacturing facility in the port of Ghent in Belgium. The terminal has a capacity of more than 100,000 m³, consisting of a large variety of tanks between 35 – 6,000 m³, for the safe handling and storage of classified and non-classified chemical materials. The terminal has marine, road and rail connections, and is accessible via two jetties for tanker vessels up to 30,000 DWT.

In addition to tank storage, activities at the terminal include a wide range of toll manufacturing, processing, blending, mixing and packaging services for bulk liquid chemical materials. The infrastructure includes sophisticated production units, with 9 chemical reactors, mixing and blending kettles, and other facilities. This setup, supported by on-site laboratories, enables GADOT Germany\ Belgium to provide independent, outsourced chemical manufacturing services, and a wide range of value-added logistics services to its customers in the chemical industry and related sectors.