Logistics GADOT

Gadot’s Operations division operates 4 sites that include approximately 67,000 m3 of tank capacity for storage and handling of liquid bulk chemicals and oils, and approximately 11,000 m3 hazardous storage warehouse facilities for the storage of finished products of hazardous materials.

The division specializes in the storage, handling, and transporting of liquid bulk chemicals from marine vessels for filling and packaging (IBC, drums and bottles), with a filling area of approximately 4,000 m3.

Gadot offers its customers a wide range of logistic services, including acquiring chemicals, transporting them by sea, handling the chemicals, laboratory services, dilution, blending, and distribution to the customer’s premises

We also supply additional logistic services:

  • Tanker truck and ISO tank washing station

The washing station washes solvents, mineral oils, base oils, acids and bases, and has a dedicated drying facility that includes three parking bays

  • Customs bonded services

Storing bulk in shore tanks, which can be rented by the company’s customers as bonded warehouses (itinerant)

  • Emergency team for handling hazardous goods

The emergency team is on call 24/7 throughout the year, and is an integral part of the system of handling hazardous materials during an incident

  • Warehousing management – inventory management, storage and handling of bulk and finished products
  • Storing bulk materials
  • Filling line of packaging in different sizes
    • Small packages, 1-5 liters
    • Cans, 20-30 liters
    • Plastic and metal drums
    • Cubes, 1000 liters
  • Preparation of blends

Preparation and distribution of dedicated blends for customers.

  • Gadot Laboratory

Located in Haifa, 0.5 km from the chemical terminals (North and South), in the Haroshet site.

The laboratory is certified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority – ISO 17025, and performs about 15,000 chemical examinations annually, for a wide range of industries in Israel.

It conducts examinations in accordance with international standards, among them: AST, BP, EP, USP, ACS.

The laboratory uses new and modern equipment and conducts the following examinations:

Karl Fisher (Water Analysis), UV, IR, GC, a device for checking points breaking a beam of light, digital microscope, checking the color specifications of the material.

Laboratory personnel undergo internal and external training to ensure that they are up to date with advanced technology and the market needs.

Logistics GADOT Germany\ Belgium

GADOT Germany\ Belgium is a leader in providing integrated logistics solutions and value-added services for the chemical industry and related sectors. Based on its European and global network of sophisticated logistics facilities and partners, the company provides a large range of logistics services and supply chain solutions for international product flows. The unique combination of the state-of-the art infrastructure, vast experience and capabilities in supply chain management, and the design and management of integrated logistics solutions enables tailor-made solutions based on the individual needs of our customers and their clients.

The full service approach of GADOT Germany\ Belgium for international supply chain solutions includes the following activities:

  • Logistics network (re)design
  • Coordination and management of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Warehousing
  • Tank storage
  • Inventory management
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • Late customization
  • Customs and inspections
  • VAT administration
  • Global transportation services

To support this approach, GADOT Germany\ Belgium operates a state-of-the-art network of more than 150,000 m³ of warehouses for the safe storage, handling and logistics of classified and non-classified materials, 100,000 m³ tank storage capacity, 19 high performance filling lines, blending and tolling facilities for liquid and solid chemical products, and ISO-Tank container storage terminals. In addition the company maintains a high quality network of international partners to ensure the global reach of its operations. Based on this, GADOT Germany\ Belgium aims to contribute to the success of its customers, resulting in optimized inventory, reduced complexity, improved working capital and cash flow, reduction of carbon footprint and improvements related to quality, reliability and efficiency.