Gadot loves food. We know what it takes to make your food products the best on the

market, and are as serious as you are about finding tailored solutions as that market

evolves. We have long-standing trade partnerships with the best food chemistry

manufacturers and the expert knowledge to help you use their ingredients in your

own products. Gadot serves all food-production industries, including alcoholic and

non-alcoholic beverages, dairy, pickled and canned foods and confections. We have

all relevant food certifications, including Kosher and Halal.

Alcoholic Drinks

Gadot’s ethanol, produced mainly from corn and beet, is of the highest grade and purity

level. It is for use in wines and other alcoholic drinks, and is supported with Kosher and

Halal certificates.


Gadot keeps astride of trends in the beverages industry so that we always know how

to help you make your drinks fit current consumer demands. Whether you are

concerned about lowering calorie content or developing a new hit flavor, you can

depend on us to help you find the formulation you need.

Some of the beverage ingredients we offer are: amino acids and monopotassium

phosphate, monoethanolamine, citric acid, ascorbic acid, enzymes and sodium



A successful new dairy product must have the right taste and texture to carve out its

place in a competitive market, and Gadot knows just what it is that will help you make

your product unique and marketable. We have the expert knowledge to advise you

on additives that will help you meet all your nutrition, texture, flavor and cost


Gadot offer:

-Natural food grade liquid and with calcium chloride 37%

Canned foods

Gadot’s catalog includes multiple options for preserving canned foods. Our food

chemistry experts work with you to devise the best formulations for your new products.

Some of the canning chemicals Gadot offers are caustic soda, tricalcium phosphate

(TCP) and food grade acetic acid.


Sugar-free confectioners are always looking for creative solutions. Gadot offers artificial

confectionery sweeteners like Sunett and sorbitol to make your sugar-free formulations a