Gadot Milestones

Gadot is a leader in the field of management and operations in the
chemical value chain, including marketing and distribution to industries
in Israel and Europe, procurement, marine transport, storage, and distribution of bulk commodity chemicals, oils and other materials for various industries. Gadot was established in 1959 by the Johananoff family. Since 2014, Gadot has been owned by Tene Investments Funds. The company has divisions that focus on different activities: the sales and distribution division, the logistics division, and the marine division.

Sales and Distribution Division

The division imports and distributes chemicals to a wide range of industries in Israel, including the food, chemical, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, textiles, plastics, electronics, construction, detergents, cosmetics, and high-tech industries.
• Commodities, especially solvents
• Specialties – representing the world’s leading chemical companies
• Inorganic chemicals
• Consumables for laboratory research.

Logistics Division

The division operates the storage and distribution array in Israel through operational subdivisions, including: two chemical terminals with up to 140 tanks and a storage capacity of 65,000 m³, a filling, packaging and distribution site, an analytical laboratory, and a transport fleet of chemical tankers and distribution trucks, serving a wide range of industrial customers in various fields, and transporting some 500 thousand tons of chemicals annually, including hazardous materials, oils, fuel, and other products. The division also includes the VLS group, which stores chemicals and other products throughout Europe, and is the owner of a warehousing network in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, with a total capacity of 165,000 m2. In 2010, VLS purchased a chemical terminal at the port of Ghent, Belgium, with a total capacity of 100,000 m³, including 40% recently-built tanks for the safe storage and handling of classified and non-classified materials.

Marine Division

The marine division is engaged in the marine transport of bulk chemicals and other liquids. Chemship B.V., located in the Netherlands, manages and operates a fleet of 10 of the most modern and advanced chemical tankers in the world, all equipped with stainless steel tanks. The company regularly operates lines from Northern Europe to North America and to the eastern Mediterranean.