Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the firm comprises the marine division of the Gadot group of companies. The Gadot Group is the premier provider of bulk chemical shipping,  logistics, storage, and distribution services. The world’s largest manufacturers depend on Gadot to transport their liquid chemicals, oils and other materials globally, and trust Gadot as their partner to deliver raw materials and medicines.

With its comprehensive network of companies, subsidiaries, partners and suppliers, the Gadot Group offers unparalleled expertise, reach and quality – delivering excellence along the chemical value chain.

Chemship B.V. has a long tradition of servicing the parcel tanker routes to and from the Mediterranean. We serve the US Gulf area and the US east coast, with frequent calls at all main ports and many outports. In north-western Europe, our focus is on the main chemical hubs of Rotterdam and Antwerp, as well as major chemical ports in the UK, Germany and France. With a good balance between strong contract business and spot availability, Chemship B.V. is the first port of call for your flexible parcel tanker needs. We encourage our staff to put our customer’s requirements in first place, and offer sustainable seaborne solutions for the specialized transportation of bulk liquids. Transshipment services, storage arrangements, and/or deliveries through alternative modes of transport are part of the challenge we deal with.

Chemship B.V. motivates its employees by offering a challenging work environment, running parallel with the ever-changing world of logistics. Our swift operation is able to respond quickly to market developments, and our flexible fleet can absorb customer needs with regard to timely delivery of their goods. Being a small, dedicated operator in the big world of chemical logistics gives us the advantage of being able to offer tailor-made solutions. The management and staff are happy to assist you in all your specialized chemical seaborne enquiries.

Chemship B.V.