Gadot offers a full catalog of chemicals for water treatment

Gadot has been a prominent supplier to the water-management industries for many years, to countless operations.  Our proven expertise in the innovative chemical treatment of water makes us a reliable partner in the quest to provide adequate supplies of safe water for a growing population.

Waste Water Treatment

Gadot offers many chemicals for industrial waste water treatment.  We supply all of the most relied-upon neutralizing agents, like caustic potash and soda, sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride solution, aluminium sulphate 25-50%, and polyaluminium chloride (PAC). In addition, GADOT offers Magnesium hydroxide slurry as a unique solution for waste water treatment based on American technology developed by Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties LLC. Our Magnesium hydroxide slurry product is a non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly, safe and cost-effective treatment options for alkalinity addition and pH adjustment of waste streams.

Drinking Water Treatment

Safe drinking water is the world’s most essential resource.  Gadot’s team of talented experts finds individual solutions for each of its customers, ensuring a clean water supply at each location.

Some of the chemicals Gadot offers for the treatment of drinking water are caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, fluorosilicic acid 40%, and polyaluminium chloride (PAC).


The global demand for water resources is only increasing, while the supply of usable water is shrinking.  That means we need to find innovative solutions in order to meet water demands.  Desalination is one way that we can create fresh water, and the process is becoming more and more relevant as our cities outgrow their land-based water resources.

Gadot is a major supplier to the desalination experts, providing the most advanced chemical solutions for all water treatment processes.  Our complete range of desalination chemicals includes such essentials as sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sulphuric acid and sodium bisulphite.