Gadot’s polymers and printing team has a strong presence in nearly every market sector: flexible packaging, printing, automotive, water management, irrigation, construction, coatings, defense, medical devices, etc. Our strength is in our combined team of skilled professional salespeople and premium suppliers that makes it easy for us to offer our customers technical, commercial and logistical support in a wide variety of fields.


In the printing sector, we offer a wide range of thinners under the Gadsol name. Tailor-made solvents like Gadsol EL, Gadsol L, and Gadsol .16 serve all your printing needs.  We also offer the more standard printing solvents: ethanol, IPA, ethyl acetate, PM, Ethoxy Propanol, etc.

For polymers manufacturers, we have phthalate plasticizers and non-phthalate products such as DINP, DOP, DBP and DOA.


The following is a partial list of the major companies we represent:

DuPont: packaging and industrial polymers, engineering polymers, flexo printing plates

– Fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers and fluorosurfactants

Celanese: emulsions for construction

– Printing inks for flexo and rotogravure

Styrene Copolymers

– Lubrizol: dispersants, emulsions

– Sibelco: minerals

– Hexion: epoxy resins, diluents and hardeners

Polyvinyl alcohol

– IMERYS: CaCO3, kaolin

PET films

Chloroprene rubbers

Taekwang: aramid yarns and woven fabrics

– Ruetgers Resins GMBH: surfactants, catalysts, epoxy hardeners


– Baser: Barium Sulfate