Gadot Group’s Business Culture Values and Ethical Code

  • A high level of ethical conduct: honesty, reliability, modest behavior, integrity, respect for others, proper business conduct, and personal accountability.
  • A view of the company, its employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners, as well as all the other companies of the international Gadot Group, as full partners in fulfilling the company’s goals and obligations.
  • Honesty in all aspects of the company’s relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors, government and civil entities, authorities, and employees.
  • Providing high quality services.
  • Full compliance at all times with the requirements of laws, agreements, and the business culture guidelines that the company has defined and embraced.
  • Seeing customers and suppliers as the company’s greatest assets, and being committed to maintaining their satisfaction.
  • A view of our employees as the key to the company’s success, and a commitment to their advancement and development, strengthening their sense of belonging and identification with the company’s goals, while treating all employees equally, regardless of religion, age, gender, race or opinion.

Details of  the principles guiding Gadot in its business culture and ethical code:

Proper business conduct – Gadot conducts its relationships and business responsibilities with honesty, integrity and reliability, while observing the law and rules of proper business conduct. This commitment applies to all employees.

  1. Marketing, sales, and customers – the Gadot Group considers its customers to be key assets, and makes every effort to ensure their satisfaction by providing them with services and products of the highest standards of quality, technology and reliability, as well as through uncompromising adherence to the principles of integrity and honesty in its relationships with them.
  2. Policy regarding engagement with suppliers – as part of its policy of providing uncompromising services, the Gadot Group acquires only high quality products and services for its operations. The company considers its suppliers to be responsible for promoting its interests and business success. The supplier selection process is therefore based on parameters of quality, cost, reliability and service, in accordance with company procedures.
  3. Relations with customers and suppliers abroad – Gadot adheres to all terms, laws and regulations of both the international business community, and the business community of each individual country in which it operates.
  4. Competitors – the Gadot Group considers competition to be an integral part of all business activity, and an incentive for improving and developing its advantages. The company maintains honest and fair relationships with its competitors, believing that focusing on its advantages and their development, rather than defamation of the competitors, is the right way to succeed in business.
  5. Assets – the Gadot Group’s assets, both tangible and intangible, have been accumulated over many years, and are the basis of its capital and its strength. The company’s assets are intended for the use of the company and its employees solely for the purpose of achieving the company’s goals. Any other use, for personal gain or for any other purpose that is not related to work, is damaging to the company and is strictly prohibited.
  6. Gadot as a workplace – as a workplace, the Gadot Group strives to provide its employees with an environment that is positive, pleasant, free from harassment, and based on mutual consideration and accepted etiquette regarding good manners and personal appearance.

 Gadot ethics code